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A crypto loan is just like any other type of loan. However, they differ in the fact that they involve cryptocurrencies and stablecoins rather than fiat currencies.

Crypto loans allow people to borrow money using cryptocurrencies as collateral. Secured crypto loans that require one to offer collateral are the most popular as opposed to unsecured.

Unlike with traditional loans, you could end up paying back a substantial amount of money with crypto loans given that cryptocurrencies tend to fluctuate in price. Its important to watch if the loan company has a liquidation price at which they would sell your collateral.

Here is a look a of some of the best providers of Crypto Loans


BlockFi is a well-known name in the crypto lending space offering Bitcoin backed loans. Upon a successful application, the borrower would receive the funds to their account in as little as 90 minutes, making it one of the fastest crypto-backed lenders. The firm accepts applications via its website

BlockFi’s interest rate on crypto loans start from as low as 8% and are not dictated by customer’s credit scores. The interest rate offered is determined by the kind of collateral that one offers as well as location. The minimum amount that one can apply for is $2000.

Unchained Capital

Unchained Capital is a crypto finance company that offers Bitcoin crypto loans. The company closed a $3 million seed funding in 2018 that leaves it well financed to provide crypto loans. The firm provides both business and consumer crypto loans.

The minimum domestic loan on offer is $10,000, while international loans start from $100,000. Interest rates on crypto loans range between 8% and 14% while loan borrowing duration is between 3 months and 60 months. The firm also charges a loan origination fee of 1% to 2%.

Dharma Labs

Dharma Labs is a peer-to-peer crypto lending platform that offers short term (90 days) fixed rate crypto loans. People can lend and borrow in ETH and the DAI stablecoin. The platform provides lenders with an opportunity to earn an interest rate on the crypto holdings they supply on the platform.

Once matched, borrowers can have loans in their accounts in less than 30 seconds. Borrowers must post collateral in DAI or ETH equal to 150% of the principal loan amount. Fixed interest rates for Lenders and borrowers is one of the main attributes that make the P2P crypto lending platform stand out.


CoinLoan is a crypto lending platform that operates as a P2P lending platform. The firm offers crypto backed loans from as little as $50. Based in Estonia, the firm also offers loans in stable coins

Sufficient collateral in the form of cryptocurrencies is the only requirement to access any loan amount. The platform stands out in part because it guarantees an LTV of up to 70%.


Casting itself as a crypto bank, Nebeus allows cryptocurrency holders to use their holdings in peer-to-peer lending. People with cryptocurrencies can also use their crypto portfolio as collateral when in need of fiat loans at reasonable interest rates.

Nebeus stands out as a crypto loan provider because of its low-interest rates as well as no credit check requirement. Its crypto loans are provided in three different fiat currencies of USD, GBP, and EUR. Interest rates on loans start from 5%.


Bitbond is seeking to become the first crypto loan site for P2P lending. It is one of the oldest loan platforms and offers P2P platforms for Bitcoin lending. The platform connects creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors. Located in Germany and working in more than 120 countries, the crypto lending platform has more than 90,000 users.

HODL Finance

HODL Finance is a European centric company that offers crypto loans in 51 different fiat currencies. It stands out because of its low minimum loan requirement as well as instant loan application processing. To be approved for a loan one only needs to provide collateral wallets for Ethereum Bitcoin and Ripple

The crypto loan provider keeps its LTV fixed at 50% with low-interest rates of 1% per month. Loans are available for between 2 months and two years.

SALT Lending

SALT Lending is a blockchain-backed loan platform that offers crypto backed loans between $5,000 and $100 million. The loan amount that one qualifies for depends on the collateral offered. The interest rate on the loans starts from as little 5.99%, and one can get an LTV of between 30% and 50%

Celsius Network

Celsius is a peer-to-peer crypto lending company that seeks to support the more than 100 million people not connected to banking yet. The P2P platform is ideal for people who want to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holding by providing loans.

Conversely, people can receive loans and use their cryptocurrency holdings as collateral. Annual interest rates on loans start from 5% to 12%. Depending on collateral, one can get a loan up to a tenure of 1 year at an LTV of 50%.


Backed by leading European Fintech group Credissimo, Nexo is one of the biggest providers of instant crypto backed loans. Depending on one’s crypto holdings, one can access loans of as little as $1,000 to $2 million, for a tenure of 1 year. The interest rate on crypto loans averages between 8% for NEXO tokens and 16% for other cryptocurrencies.

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